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Boulder/Denver area attorney focuses on business law, business licensing and license compliance, representation before the IRS (Appeals, Examinations, Collections Divisions) and State Departments of Revenue, business entity formation, contracts, marijuana law (businesses and consumers), labor and employment law, and political consulting & election management.

Rachel K. Gillette, Attorney LLC provides quality, affordable legal services to clients in the Boulder-Denver area and throughout Colorado. Our firm can represent you and your business before the IRS Collections and Appeal Divisions in all 50 states.

Attorney Rachel K. Gillette has been a small business owner for over 18 years and understands the many challenges facing business owners. Our firm can assist in the following areas of law:

Committed to delivering outstanding results to small business owners

We believe in delivering outstanding service to our clients. Our firm accomplishes this by being highly accessible and dedicated to your needs. We are very easy to talk to and personable when communicating about your unique legal situation. Our firm stands by your side from initial consultation all the way through to the courtroom. Attorney Gillette uses her knowledge of small business and the law to help you get the results you deserve.

IRS and State tax relief and resolutions for businesses and individuals

Owe back taxes? Facing a tax audit? We have a strong background in representation before the Collections, Appeal, and Examinations Divisions of the Internal Revenue Service and all state Departments of Revenue. Rachel K. Gillette has served as a tax representative in all 50 states and has successfully represented hundreds of corporate and individual taxpayers. Our firm has saved our clients thousands of dollars in incorrectly assessed taxes, penalties and interest. If you are having tax problems we can advise you on your options and help you and your business negotiate a successful resolution with the IRS and your state's taxing authority.

Representation of individuals and businesses with legal issues involving marijuana law

Colorado is unique in its approach to marijuana. Colorado is one of the few states that regulates medical and recreational marijuana businesses and one of only 20 states (plus D.C.) with a medical marijuana program. Despite Colorado's "decriminalization" of marijuana and the state's regulation of marijuana businesses, individuals could still face criminal penalties for their use, cultivation, and possession of marijuana. In addition, marijuana businesses in Colorado face a complex regulatory scheme, often having to deal with multiple jurisdictions and governmental red tape. Our firm can help both individuals and businesses dealing with Colorado's complex marijuana laws.

Serving the public interest of people living in Colorado

At Rachel K. Gillette, Attorney LLC, we strive to use the legal system to pursue the best interests of the people of Colorado.

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